Procrastination is a dirty word when you’re a senior leader or business owner. If you procrastinate over doing tasks, then no one is left to complete them, which leads to a feeling of overwhelm, which leads to you questioning why you started your business in the first place or strived for promotion. Sound familiar?

Senior leaders or business owners have the added pressures of overseeing and determining the future path of the business, addition to the day-to-day work a business takes to run smoothly. In this case, procrastination is a synonym for missed deadlines, unhappy clients/customers and business decline.

Combat your procrastination habits and find your motivation and love for your business by implementing these simple strategies. Just because they’re simple doesn’t mean they’re easy!

  1. Find an accountability partner.

Holding yourself accountable for your goals is a key factor to accomplishing your weekly goals. Having to tell someone you failed at reaching a goal or making excuses to that person is uncomfortable, especially if this chosen partner is a “tell it like it is” person who won’t accept your excuses or let you off easy. Even if you just choose one goal a week, knowing someone is waiting to hear an update is often enough to spur you to action.

  1. Visualise the future you want.

A powerful exercise to prioritise what you want in the future is to create a vision board. Working on a digital vision board is simple and exciting because you choose pictures that speak to you; you’re paying attention to your unconscious desires which can be quite different than your intellectual desires. Posting these photos on your vision board gives them life, it makes them a solid goal in your life and should inspire you to work hard to reach those goals. But don’t keep those goals a secret. Tell your spouse, parents, friends, or kids so they can be your cheer leaders.

  1. Harness the fear.

Sometimes procrastination evolves from a fear of getting out of your comfort zone. It’s a form of denial but no matter how long you put something off, it’s not just going to disappear on its own. Reaching out of your comfort zone can be rewarding if not nerve-wracking and oftentimes you’ll discover the task itself was easier or less complicated than you thought it to be.

  1. Tackle your most important task first.

Start your morning with a bang by completing your most important or your biggest task of the day. Maybe this is reviewing management accounts that may be inaccurate or maybe it’s a client call or project. Don’t just assume you can do it later because you don’t know what emergencies or client crises later will bring.

  1. Hire a team member.

It’s OK to admit you need help running your business. If the small mundane tasks are holding you back, then look to your team to handle those tasks. Delegate those tasks which cause you to procrastinate and you’ll find a new love for your business. In the end, you’ll also come out ahead because while she’s taking care of business, you can take care of your profit making tasks.

Procrastination is just one of the signs that you need to hire a coach. Do you feel the need to do everything yourself , even if it prevents your business from growing?