1.  Your business rules your life.

If your clients or customers are calling, texting, or emailing at all hours of the day, expecting you to answer, your business is ruling your life. Boundaries are important to your wellbeing and clients should know upfront that you are not on call 24/7. You are a leader, not a first responder. Even first responders get time off! Set your boundaries (aka business hours) if you didn’t set them from the start or implement them now.

  1. You feel burned out.

Business burn out comes when you feel you are solely responsible for completing every task. Or when you don’t set boundaries. Or when work infringes on your family time. The ultimate result is you end up physically sick and/or you want to throw in the towel and quit. Your brain and body need down time to relax and regroup, which is why a good night’s sleep is so important to physical health. Constantly thinking about business without a break is a natural case for burn out. Prioritise, not just fire fight and delegate to those who are actually accountable. Its not all down to you. Leave work at the office, even if it’s your home office.

  1. You don’t have any free time with family or friends.

Your friends and family will certainly complain if you fall off the face of the earth working your business but these complaints may one day turn to resentment. A spouse may resent being the sole caregiver while you work all hours of the day. Your kids may feel you love the business more than them. Your friends may get tired of issuing invitations if they think your business takes top priority. Without a strong support structure, your efforts to build a legacy may leave you alone in the world.

  1. You spend more time on other peoples tasks than your own.

If your primary purpose is to lead, strategise to grow your business, then why are you spending more time on tasks other people are paid to do? Yes, you need to to get important work done, but doing other peoples work because you either don’t trust them or you can do it quicker or better yourself, is not going to build and grow your business. Hiring a coach and mentor can help you stay focused on your business instead of playing in it just to get stuff done.

Change isn’t easy, especially when you’re talking about changing things about your established business. But the right changes can breathe new life into your business and you.

Are you ready for change but not sure where to start?

Some changes are easy, others are more difficult, but they will all be worthwhile if they streamline your business so you can bring in more profits. TIme to consider a coach..?